Thank you so much for visiting my website! 

My name is Stacey, and I am the creator and owner of No Way, Mom!

I am the proud mom of two outgoing boys, Jacob and Owen.

Autism, JPM, Pica and all things sensory are just a few of the many fillings to our fun filled adventures.

My husband, Ryan, is a professional nerd.

I always ask him about his studies and projects but to me they all look like pretzel rods and donuts. LOL!

No Way, Mom was named by Jacob, it's one of his favorite sayings

in response to just about everything I ask of him.

It was perfect for us.  

Whether its a simple overnight stay at a local hotel to a weekend getaway, I love to travel with loved ones.

DIY crafts are a favorite of mine, whether it's a fail or success I will share my results with you.

Maybe you have a tip or trick to make my project more memorable. 

Most importantly my family is my number one.

We have experienced in home therapies for ABA, Speech, and Physical Therapy.

Being a special needs parent isn't always easy but we LOVE it.

Living outside the lines is what we do best!

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Thank you so much for visiting No Way, Mom!

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Michigan, USA

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